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  • Goddess Nutrition Essential Shaker

    Overall Rating:
    5 out of 5


    Price: £4.99


    Our Goddess Nutrition shaker bottle comes complete with a removable turbine strainer, meaning it mixes all powders with ease!

    • Goddess Nutrition branded
    • 500ml capacity
    • BPA free
    • Leak-proof technology
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Eco-friendly


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    Rating: 5

    Great shaker

    Abdelilah Chaoui
    Rating: 5

    Best shaker I have brought. Great price. Doesn't leave lumps and has a handy measurement on side. Perfect size. I have had shakers in past which cost more than goddess nutrition and they didn't last, left lumps of powder or snapped. Goddess nutrition shaker is very good quality and sturdy.

    Kerri Hobbs
    Rating: 5

    I can't begin to explain how amazing it is to find a shaker that doesn't leak! I had my shake made up and stupidly put it on the passenger seat in my car. I realised once I had arrived at my house that the shaker had flown into the footwell onto my bag and it didn't even leak!! Amazing! Also I have put this through the dishwasher so many times now and the print has not faded at all. All other shakers I have used before seem to have lost the logo as its worn off in the wash. Brilliant shaker!

    Rating: 5

    Well This Has To Be My Fav Shaker... I Have Had Lots But Finally Found A Shaker That Shakes My Products Smoothly...It Is Not To Big Not To Small So Perfect For Water Intake... It Is 600ml Bottle & I Like To Make Sure I Have At Least 6 Bottles Of Water A Day 💦

    Grace H
    Rating: 5

    I've had my fair share of shakers, some which break within days of buying and some which last forever and this shaker will definitely be one of those. This shaker has actually replaced all my glasses in the house, as I now seem to only want to use my shaker for all my drinks!

    Kelly Smith
    Rating: 5

    Seriously....the ONLY shaker I have ever had that actually does not leak. Did not think that was even possible. Very handy and can tell it's not just any cheap plastic. Love it.

    Klauds K

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