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Get to Know: Complete Recovery Lean Protein

What is a Protein Shake?

Our nutritionists have put together this complete guide to help you to understand the benefits of sufficient protein intake.

What is a Complete Recovery Lean Protein shake and how does it help me?

Protein is essential in the human body and for overall health and wellbeing. While you can get protein from meats, dairy, eggs and fish (or legumes, nuts and seeds for vegetarians) it is widely believed that an active person requires more protein than the average person, particularly for muscle recovery. This is where Protein shakes come in!

When should I have a Protein Shake?

Protein shakes are needed if you are active and not getting enough protein from your daily food diet, and they are also a super convenient source of protein when on-the-go! The best time to have a Goddess Nutrition complete recovery lean protein shake is within an hour of finishing your workout, the sooner the better! This will not only help your muscles recover post-workout (it helps to get rid of muscle soreness) but it will also help your body to fully take advantage of the workout you have just completed.

What are the ingredients in the Goddess Nutrition Complete Recovery Lean Protein Shake?

Whey Protein Isolate

When processed fat and lactose are removed. Isolate contains over 90%+ protein by weight and is one of the fastest absorbing proteins, making it an ideal post-workout choice!


Is used to reduce fat but keep a nice palatable texture to your shake.


A vital nutrient for gastrointestinal health, a neurotransmitter which helps memory and focus, cuts sugary cravings and prevents your body ever using your muscles for energy over other energy sources (muscle-wastage).


A fibre that helps your stomach’s general health and stimulates your immune system.

Magnesium Citrate

Plays a key role in over 300 biochemical functions in the body. Particularly helpful to aid the digestive system and helps regulate blood pressure & blood glucose levels.

Coconut Water Powder

Brilliant for hydrating your body and replacing the electrolytes lost during sweating. High in Potassium (ideal for Potassium replenishment during menstruation), calcium and sodium.

Vitamin C

Helps to build and maintain connective tissues such as bones blood vessels and skin.

Vitamin E

Acts as an antioxidant to protect your cells. Keeps your skin, eyes and immune system healthy.


Iron is an ideal supplement for women due to Iron loss during Menstruation. Iron keep hair, skin and nails healthy and helps to transport Oxygen throughout the body. Not having enough Iron in your diet leaves you feeling exhausted.

Vitamin B6

Allows your body to use and store Protein! Helps to form Haemoglobin (the part of your blood cells which carries oxygen around your body).

Vitamin B2

Helps with energy production and to keep the immune system healthy.

Vitamin B12

Generates red blood cells and helps your body produce energy.

Vitamin D3

Along with a long list of health benefits Vitamin D3 keeps bones healthy and strong.

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