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Chloe Pickford



Sporting Background

Sport has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been horse riding since I was two and competed to a high level up untill I was 18. I still love to ride now and aim to compete again when I find the time between training. I played county athletics and county hockey during my teens then continued hockey through my university 1st team.

Favourite Exercise

I am obsessed with HIIT training. Most people would probably think that legs and glutes are my favourite weights workout but my favourite has to be shoulders, love getting that pump – lateral raises to frontal raises! BOOM!

Favourite Goddess Nutrition Product

Pre-Workout – all the flavours are yummy! I am a massive fan of pre-workout! It helps me to focus and power through when I am tired!

Training Goals


Main Goal for 2017

To win my qualifier and finish in the top 3 at the British finals in Nottingham!

Biggest Inspiration

Mark Coles from M10 fitness in Nottingham, his methods/way of training is just incredible, he’s a successful body builder, coach and businessman…. His set up is unreal and he’s worked so hard for it!! If I was to be a man I would want to be him ! HAHA!

Favourite Destination

Australia …. I didn’t want to come back when I was out there!

Favourite Cheat Meal

Burger all the way! I am a sucker for one!

Other Information

I genuinely cannot imagine life without my fitness training, I have such a passion for it, both of my jobs are involved (PT and Digme fitness) and in all honesty I don’t even feel like I am working most of the time.. sign of a good job hey?! Seeing others reach their goals and changing their lives for the better Is the best feeling… job satisfaction right there! Choosing to compete was one of the best decisions I have ever made, its given me direction, self belief and confidence! I love being able to push my body and mind to its limits! I think the way I instruct and PT is a true reflection of how I train personally and my work ethic!