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Workout Ideas and Goddess Nutrition News

The Goddess Nutrition™ Team have come up with some great workout ideas to incorporate into your routine! So check back regularly and see what’s happening, we think you’ll find it really useful!

What are BCAAs?

BCAA’s stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids, also known as the building blocks of muscle. They are found in your body and are among the nine essential amino acids.

The main functions BCAA’s have in your body are:

    1. They Promote Protein Synthesis

This means muscle protein breakdown can be reduced whilst muscle protein synthesis increases which helps your muscle to recover from movements and retain the benefits of the workout you are doing.

    1. Stops your muscles breaking down and getting used for energy

This means that when you are training, particularly if you are in a calorie deficit to lose excess fat but you want to tone up too, your body will try to use your muscles for energy. BCAA’s block this process from happening meaning you will continue to burn fat rather than your nicely toned muscles!

    1. They can make you feel less tired

BCAAs compete with Tryptophan when they try to enter the brain. Tryptophan can be converted into serotonin once in the brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for the perception of fatigue. If BCAAs can block the amount of tryptophan entering the brain, the amount of serotonin produces is reduced. This may allow you to work harder for longer.

We recommend BCAAs to be consumed during your workout. If you would like to read more on our BCAA Boost products click here.